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Spectrum is an unconventional deathmatch mod for Unreal Tournament 3 (UT3) where players use lights to navigate and kill enemies. Set in complete darkness, players light the ground beneath them, leaving a trail of colour as they move.

Spectrum is designed to subvert traditional first-person-shooter play-styles by forcing players to use other sound, other players and items for navigation.


Spectrum is focused on the idea of real-time music generation. The mod was designed so that the users actions within the game would combine to build a completely unique soundtrack.

Although this released version doesn't feature this as prominently as I would have liked I would still like to add it if there are any sound engineers out there who are interested in helping me please get in touch!


There seems to be an issue with typical UT3 deathmatch level design in that it is often quite difficult to find players, resulting in a inconsistent drop in pace, even on smaller maps. Large amounts of the level end up as ‘filler’ and I aimed to fix this with Spectrum through the use of coloured shapes. Seven key areas are colour-co-ordinated to match the shapes. When a player is in one of these areas the corresponding shape lights up. This alerts other players who can use the lit shape to track the player down without considerable difficulty. This always offers players a ‘mini-objective’, which is vital for pacing.